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Our Process

We offer a customized perspective for our clients by participating in an extensive fact-finding process. Before we consider making any investment options, we go through and learn what is important to our clients and how we can best serve them.

First, we establish how much risk an individual is willing to take. By establishing their risk tolerance in the beginning, we are able to offer tailored recommendations for their unique positioning. We then provide a questionnaire with more than one hundred questions to establish their goals, needs, and objectives. This service is extensive, personal, and makes certain that our clients’ needs come first.

As advisors, we are committed to providing honest guidance. Without any bias or quotas to meet, we develop strategies and make recommendations based on each client’s individual needs and goals. We also value honest communication with our clients and help them navigate both the ups and the downs of their investments and can choose unbiased investment strategies and products from a wide range of investment managers.

Too often, the term “financial advisor” is thrown around haphazardly. We believe we offer a comprehensive perspective because we take the “advice” portion of being a financial professional to heart and guide our clients based on their life goals, rather than sales quotas.