The Value In Understanding Your Values

The Value In Understanding Your Values

February 24, 2021

Remember in grade school when your teacher would provide you with a prompt and have you respond in a journal? Well, grab a pencil and paper, because we have some journaling to do. 

Today, we are diving into values. 

Take a moment to answer the following questions: What is important to you? What do you want to accomplish in life? What makes you feel fulfilled? 

Specific answers to these questions may be a little bit hard to pinpoint, I know. But when we begin to mull over questions such as these, we start to uncover and understand our core principles and fundamental beliefs, otherwise known as values. Grasping an understanding of what matters the most to you is an extremely helpful tool that can help you align your priorities to invest not only in yourself, but in your future. 

Here are some tips, tricks, and prompts to help you identify, explore, and manifest your values.

  1. Warm up your mind by journaling every day. What are you feeling happy about when you wake up in the morning? What are you feeling unhappy about? Take the time to understand what makes you feel positive and negative, sit with those feelings, and get comfortable with them. We learn a lot about ourselves when we’re at our most vulnerable.
  2. Have meaningful conversations with others. Ask people what they care about the most, and give your undivided attention as they respond. See what comes to your own mind as you listen. Try to pick up on commonalities between your own values and the values of those you surround yourself with.
  3. Try not to measure your worth or your success by comparing yourself to others. Instead, give gratitude for what you have, what you have been able to accomplish, and the opportunities yet to come. This can help to prevent you from fixating on values such as power and money, which ultimately set you up for comparison, and therefore, disappointment.
  4. Think about your role models and the people you respect the most. What is it that you admire about them, and why? Oftentimes we subconsciously seek out role models who exemplify the values we hold near and dear.
  5. Mull over your happiest memories. What makes them so special to you? Were you with someone you love? Perhaps you were in a place that makes you especially happy? Were you overcoming an obstacle or reaching a goal? 

Once you start to really answer some of these questions, it’s easy to realize that most everything we do as humans is rooted in our own unique set of personal values. 

We believe that your wealth should be no exception. One of the things that makes Triada Advisor’s unique is our commitment to link your values to your wealth. 

At Triada Advisors, our values are the foundation of our business. We prioritize trust, transparency, honest communication, and long-term relationships, and firmly believe that understanding our clients’ values is the bedrock for building successful financial plans. 

To learn more about how we create tailored wealth management plans for individuals, families, and business owners alike, by aligning clients’ personal values with their financial goals, contact us

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